Fiber Optic Adaptors

FluxLight has a large assortment of fiber optic adaptors and fiber cable connectors to choose from. We carry SC to SC, LC to LC, ST to ST, and ST to SC adaptors with either metallic or ceramic sleeves. Fiber cable connectors with ceramic sleeves are more costly than metallic sleeves, but yield a lower signal loss, making them ideal for critical network connections.

In addition to fiber optic adaptors, FluxLight also carries a number of loopback adaptors and fiber optic attenuators.

Loopback adaptors are typically used for the testing of fiber optic equipment. Attenuators are fiber connectors that are used to reduce the power of an optical signal; this can be useful for diagnostics or for matching power levels between devices.

No matter what your application, we are sure to have the fiber optic adaptors you need to get your network up and running smoothly!