Ethernet Patch Cord

FluxLight offers a large selection of network patch cords, Ethernet cables, and fiber patch cables. We carry Cat6 and Cat5e Ethernet patch cord in lengths from 1 foot to 100 feet. Our Ethernet cables are available in both "booted" and "non-booted" varieties.

FluxLight’s booted Ethernet cables feature a flexible rubber joint between the cable and the RJ45 connector; this boot helps prolong the life of the patch cord by re-enforcing this critical connection and helps keep the release latch from catching on anything when the network patch cable is pulled. "Non-booted" Ethernet cables lack joint re-enforcement but work better when connector density is high and space is at a premium and are generally available at a lower price.

No matter what your application, we are sure to have the Ethernet patch cords and cables you need to get your network up and running smoothly!