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Optics and Transceivers

100% Compatible Guaranteed.  All Fluxlight products are tested to industry standards exhaustively in our own modern on-site lab with switches and routers from all major OEM vendors. They are further verified by over 10,000 customers (many of them Fortune 500) that have proven repeatedly that they meet all compatibility and quality criteria--period.

Fiber Optic Cables

We offer a best-in-class and comprehensive range of cables, including MTP / MPO cables, regular fiber patch cables, fiber pigtails, etc. tested with a range of optical tests such as IL and RL tests, 3D interferometer tests, etc., providing the ideal cabling solution for the most demanding networks.

Fiber Optic Testing & Cleaning

Fiber optics cabling is the high-performance core of today's datacom networks: for mission-critical datacenter links, backbone within buildings, and longer-distance campus networks. As fiber network speeds and bandwidth demands increase, fiber requirements have become more stringent, making fiber optic testing more important than ever.

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