Attenuator LC/LC 10dB Loss

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FluxLight has the fiber optic attenuator you need to reduce the optical power transmitted between fiber optic links. Our LC to LC optical attenuators feature excellent environmental and attenuation stability, are easy to install and meet Telecordia GR-910-CORE requirements. This particular unit creates a 10dB loss in optical power.

Attenuator LC/LC 10dB Loss

Features: Excellent Environmental Stability, Attenuation Stability, Polarization Insensitive, Easy Installation, Telecordia GR-910-core Requirement

Applications: Telecommunications System, Local Area Networks, CATV, Subscribe Loop, Test Equipment, Optical Fiber Sensors

Wavelength: 1310/ 1550nm
Insertion Loss: 1~5dB 0.75 6~10dB 1.0 11~15dB 15%
Return Loss: PC > 55 dB ; APC > 65 dB

Temperature Ranges and Humidity:
Storage Temperature -40C to +80C
Operating Temperature -40C to +75C

Like all FluxLight products, this product this backed by a limited lifetime warranty, free email/phone technical support and advanced replacement (with RMA) and guaranteed emergency spares.