Why Buy FluxLight? Old

100% Compatibility, Performance and
Quality Guaranteed
100% Compatible Guaranteed
All Fluxlight products are tested to industry standards exhaustively in our own modern on-site lab with switches and routers from all major OEM vendors. They are further verified by over 10,000 customers (many of them Fortune 500) that have proven repeatedly that they meet all compatibility and quality criteria--period.
Free Day 30 Evaluation Samples
With the huge price disparity many can't help but say ‘if it sounds too good to be true…’ . For this reason Fluxlight offers free evaluation product for up to 30-days so you can verify 100% compatible, quality and performance--even shipping is free. You have absolutely nothing to lose (and your budget will thank you).
Application Coverage
Fluxlight goes well beyond the standard SR, LR, ER and ZR optics most OEMs offer for their equipment (or just about any other 3rd party vendor)--offering specialty optical transceiver options like Bi-Directional (BIDIs), CWDM/DWDM, and ultra-long-reach (100+km) transceivers.
Maximum Reach Testing  
In addition to compatibility testing, all Fluxlight products are verified to transmit over the maximum distance specified by the OEM vendor. FluxLight's testing lab includes 6 miles (10km) of multimode fiber and over 155 miles (250km) of singlemode fiber...more than enough to test even the highest power transceiver out there.
Custom Multi-vendor Cables
OEM vendors have no incentive to provide cables that are compatible with their competitors--Fluxlight has no such limitation. Upon request, Fluxlight can program and label cable ends to interconnect a Cisco DAC or AOC to HP (or almost any other type of connection between different vendors), which is something you will never get from an OEM vendor! They come fully tested, ready to install and still carry the Fluxlight 100% compatibility guarantee.
The Largest Selection
All Vendors
Fluxlight’s extensive line covers all optical transceiver types offered by the large OEMs (e.g., Cisco, HP, Juniper, Extreme, Brocade/Foundry, etc.) plus most 2nd & 3rd tier manufacturers of converged infrastructure gear.
All In Stock
For a variety of reasons, many customers find themselves needing optical transceivers ASAP to complete a project or fix an outage. Fluxlight maintains a full stock of all its inventory and fulfills over 99% of orders the same day.
All Form Factors 
While some form-factors are not being built into any new equipment (e.g., GBIC, X2, XENPAK), there are still tens of thousands of unfilled ports in customers networks. Fluxlight always keeps a ready supply of all popular transceivers in all form factors so all requests can be filled quickly.
All Speeds
Optical transceivers are available in speeds from 100Mbps to 100Gbps. The speed of the optical module is largely a function of the types of slots in the gear the customer already own. Fluxlight’s line card cover the full range and continues to expand as new standards come on line.
All Reaches
Customer applications may require an optical link to go across a room, across town or sometimes 50+ miles. There is a substantial difference in price between these short, medium and long reach devices. The more exotic technologies required for long reach, drive those prices up while the high volume production of shorter reach interfaces, drive those costs down. Fluxlight has the right part at the right price for every customer application.
The Industry's BEST Pre &
Post-Sales Service
30 day money back guarantee
Fluxlight will take any unopened product back for a full refund within the first 30 days of ownership.  So, if a customer makes a simple mistake of ordering the wrong part they are not stuck with something they do not need.
Free lifetime technical support
Fluxlight is always there with permanent and free support. Worrying about who pays for overnight shipping for an emergency replacement is short-sighted… our job is to keep your networks up and running.
Limited Lifetime warranty
Fluxlight products include a full 100% replacement (no pro-rating) for as long as you own the part.
Quotes & Responses in under 1 hour
Fluxlight prides itself on providing quotes, data sheets, or help by phone, email, chat or text within an hour--or immediately if possible.
Advanced Replacement Parts
If a part ever fails, FluxLight will ship a replacement immediately... and work through any details later. You do not have to send your part, wait days or weeks for it to be received and logged, hope it’s under warranty, and wait for approval before a replacement is sent. This reduces your downtime and keeps your organization running without getting tied up in RMA bureaucracy.
Free custom part labeling
If you prefer to keep your provider anonymous, FluxLight will custom print your logo on components or even send the parts without branding. This additional free service is available for our re-seller partners.
The Price Performance
Price matching guarantee
Fluxlight will match or beat any US-based vendor--period. Combine that with the 100% compatibility guarantee, fast and knowledgeable lifetime support, free same day shipping, advance replacement policy, and extended warranty--and you can never lose.
Cost plus pricing model
Rather than setting prices at a discount from the OEMs, FluxLight adds a margin onto its cost.  What is not made per customer is made up in overall volume--which is why Fluxlight sells to so many thousands of new and repeat customers.
100% new--never used
All FluxLight products are 100% guaranteed to be new. You will never get "new" optical transceiver from FluxLight that is actually used or refurbished.
30-60% less than other 3rd vendors
Because of the high volume, and the focus on optical components, Fluxlight continues to beat the price of other US-based 3rd party vendors by a wide margin.
Up to 90% less than OEMs
OEM vendors charge between 8 to 15 times more for the exact same part. OEM vendors make massive profits propagating compatibility concerns that can be easily resolved through standards testing or by testing yourself with FluxLight’s free evaluation program.