10gbase-t transceiver


Almost five years after SFP+ form factor 10Gbps transceivers emerged in volume, compatible fiber optic transceivers are finally becoming available. While 10GBASE-T ports are quite commonplace on Network Interface Cards (NICs) and on a variety of network appliances (firewalls, storage devices, etc.), they are quite uncommon on the switches and routers to which many of these servers and appliance would like to connect. The reason is that these interfaces have consumed far too much power to operate in pluggable SFP+ slots. Of course, this mismatch has led to numerous connectivity problems, but not anymore with the 10GBase-T transceivers. All the fixed 10BASE-T to SFP+ 10G ports cases (shown in blue) in the figure below have been impossible without some kind of external device, perhaps an expensive media converter, involved.


With the availability of copper 10G SFP+ modules, all of the above scenarios are straightforward. Simply plug the compatible transceiver in an available slot and connect with a CAT-6A/7 cable.

Fluxlight 10Gbps Copper SFP+ Key Features 

  • Supports Links up to 30m using Cat 6a/7 Cable
  • SFF-8431 and SFF-8432 MSA Compliant
  • IEEE 802.3az Compliant
  • Low Power Consumption (2.5W MAX @ 30m)
  • Fast Retrain EMI Cancellation Algorithm
  • Low EMI Emissions
  • I2C 2-Wire Interface for Serial ID and PHY Register Access
  • Auto-negotiates with other 10GBase-T PHYs
  • Supports 100/1000Base-T using Cat 5e cable or better
  • MDI/MDIX Crossover
  • Multiple Loopback Modes for Testing and Troubleshooting
  • Built-in Cable Monitoring and Link Diagnostic Featureso
    • Cable Length Measurements
    • Opens/Shorts
  • Robust Die Cast Housing
  • Bail Latch Style ejector mechanism
  • Unshielded and Shielded cable support