MPO12 to 4LC OM4 Fiber Jumper Cable 30 meter


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MPO12 to 4LC Multi-Mode OM4 Fiber Jumper Cable - 30 meter

FluxLight's fiber jumper cable is specifically designed for fast ethernet, fiber channel, Infinband, ATM and gigabit ethernet applications. This high quality fiber jumper cable provides each connection with greater durability in resisting pulls, strains and impact during cabling installs.

The LSZH jacket is composed of materials that lessen the smoke and halogen emissions when the cable is exposed to extreme temperatures. This reduces the amount of harmful toxic and corrosive gases that cables made with plastics would otherwise emit into the air during combustion.  This construction makes LSZH cables ideal for uses where the protection people and equipment from harmful corrosive gases is absolutely critical.

FluxLight's fiber jumper cables are all tested for 100% functionality and guaranteed compatible for outstanding network performance. We offer patch cords, fiber jumpers, and fiber cables up to 30 meters in length. 

Full Downloadable Datasheet:  MPO12 to 4LC OM4 Datasheet

Part Number: FL-MPO12-4LC-OM4-30M
Connectors: MPO12-4LC
Length: 30m
Cable Type: OM4 - 50/125 micron MMF
Attenuation @850nm ≤3.0dB/km
Attenuation @1300nm ≤1.0dB/km
Polarity: Type B
Polish: UPC
Jacket OD: 3.0mm
Jacket Type: LSZH
Color: Aqua

FluxLight's complete line of MPO12 to 4LC OM4 jumper cables

Part End 1 End 2 Fiber Type Length
FL-MPO12-4LC-OM4-1M  MPO12 4LC OM4 1m
FL-MPO12-4LC-OM4-2M  MPO12 4LC OM4 3m
FL-MPO12-4LC-OM4-3M  MPO12 4LC OM4 2m
FL-MPO12-4LC-OM4-5M  MPO12 4LC OM4 5m
FL-MPO12-4LC-OM4-10M  MPO12 4LC OM4 10m
FL-MPO12-4LC-OM4-15M  MPO12 4LC OM4 15m
FL-MPO12-4LC-OM4-30M MPO12 4LC OM4 30m
FL-MPO12-4LC-OM4-50M MPO12 4LC OM4 50m

Available with with LC, SC, or ST connectors.

Available in lengths from 1 meter to 30 meters.

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