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1000Base-T Datasheets

1000Base-T Datasheets for SFP Optical Transceivers

Brand Part Datasheet
Aruba Networks 3Com 3CSFP93 Aruba Networks J8177D Datasheet
AdTran Accedian 7XV-000 AdTran 1184561P4 Datasheet
AdTran AdTran 1142300G1 AdTran 1142300G1 Datasheet
AdTran AdTran 1184561P4 AdTran 1184561P4_TXM Datasheet
AdTran AdTran 1184561P4_TXM AdTran 1200485G1 Datasheet
3Com AdTran 1200485G1 3Com 3CSFP93 Datasheet
AdTran AdTran 1200485G1 AdTran 1442200G1 Datasheet
AdTran AdTran 1442200G1 AdTran 1442300G1 Datasheet
Accedian AdTran 1442300G1 Accedian 7XV-000 Datasheet
AdTran AdTran 1442300G1 AdTran 1200485G1 Datasheet
AdTran Alcatel-Lucent iSFP-GIG-T AdTran 1442300G1 Datasheet
Alcatel-Lucent Alcatel-Lucent SFP-GIG-T Alcatel-Lucent iSFP-GIG-T Datasheet
Alcatel-Lucent Allied Telesis AT-SPTX Alcatel-Lucent SFP-GIG-T Datasheet
Allied Telesis Anue CGI Allied Telesis AT-SPTX Datasheet
Anue Arista AR-SFP-1G-T Anue CGI Datasheet
Arista Arista SFP-1G-T Arista AR-SFP-1G-T Datasheet
Arista Aruba Networks J8177D Arista SFP-1G-T Datasheet
Avago Avago ABCU-5700RZ Avago ABCU-5700RZ Datasheet
Avago Avago ABCU-5710RZ Avago ABCU-5710RZ Datasheet
Avaya Avaya 700283872 Avaya 700283872 Datasheet
Avaya/Nortel Avaya/Nortel AA1419043 Avaya/Nortel AA1419043 Datasheet
Brocade-Foundry Brocade-Foundry E1MG-TX Brocade-Foundry E1MG-TX Datasheet
Brocade-Foundry Brocade-Foundry XBR-000190 Brocade-Foundry XBR-000190 Datasheet
Calix Calix 100-01661 Calix 100-01661 Datasheet
Checkpoint Checkpoint CPAC-TR-1T Checkpoint CPAC-TR-1T Datasheet
Checkpoint Checkpoint CPAC-TR-1T-SSM160-SFP+ Checkpoint CPAC-TR-1T-SSM160-SFP+ Datasheet
Ciena Ciena XCVR-A00CRJ Ciena XCVR-A00CRJ Datasheet
Cisco Cisco DS-SFP-GE-T Cisco DS-SFP-GE-T Datasheet
Cisco Cisco GLC-T Cisco GLC-T Datasheet
Cisco Cisco GLC-TE Cisco GLC-TE Datasheet
Citrix Citrix SFP-TX Citrix SFP-TX Datasheet
Dell Dell 310-7225 Dell 310-7225 Datasheet
Delta Delta LCP-1250RJ3SR Delta LCP-1250RJ3SR Datasheet
D-Link D-Link DGS-712 D-Link DGS-712 Datasheet
Edge-corE Edge-corE ET4201-RJ45 Edge-corE ET4201-RJ45 Datasheet
Enterasys Enterasys I-MGBIC-GTX Enterasys I-MGBIC-GTX Datasheet
Enterasys Enterasys MGBIC-02 Enterasys MGBIC-02 Datasheet
Extreme Networks Extreme Networks 10050 Extreme Networks 10050 Datasheet
F5 Networks F5 Networks OPT-0015-00 F5 Networks OPT-0015-00 Datasheet
Finisar Finisar FCLF-8520-3 Finisar FCLF-8520-3 Datasheet
Finisar Finisar FCLF-8521-3 Finisar FCLF-8521-3 Datasheet
Finisar Finisar FCLF8521P2BTL Finisar FCLF8521P2BTL Datasheet
Finisar Finisar FCLF8522P2BTL Finisar FCLF8522P2BTL Datasheet
Finisar Finisar FCMJ-8521-3 Finisar FCMJ-8521-3 Datasheet
Force10 Force10 GP-SFP2-1T Force10 GP-SFP2-1T Datasheet
Gigamon Systems Gigamon Systems SFP-501 Gigamon Systems SFP-501 Datasheet
H3C H3C SFP-GE-T (H3C) H3C SFP-GE-T (H3C) Datasheet
HP HP 453154-B21 HP 453154-B21 Datasheet
HP HP J8177B HP J8177B Datasheet
HP HP J8177C HP J8177C Datasheet
HP HP JD089B HP JD089B Datasheet
Huawei Huawei SFP-GE-T-H Huawei SFP-GE-T-H Datasheet
Huawei Huawei SFP-T Huawei SFP-T Datasheet
IBM IBM 81Y1618 IBM 81Y1618 Datasheet
IBM IBM 88Y6058 IBM 88Y6058 Datasheet
IBM IBM 88Y6833 IBM 88Y6833 Datasheet
IMC Networks IMC Networks 808-39010 IMC Networks 808-39010 Datasheet
Juniper Juniper CTP-SFP-1GE-T Juniper CTP-SFP-1GE-T Datasheet
Juniper Juniper EX-SFP-1GE-T Juniper EX-SFP-1GE-T Datasheet
Juniper Juniper JX-SFP-1GE-T Juniper JX-SFP-1GE-T Datasheet
Juniper Juniper QFX-SFP-1GE-T Juniper QFX-SFP-1GE-T Datasheet
Juniper Juniper RX-GET-SFP Juniper RX-GET-SFP Datasheet
Juniper Juniper SFP-1GE-T Juniper SFP-1GE-T Datasheet
Juniper Juniper SRX-SFP-1GE-T Juniper SRX-SFP-1GE-T Datasheet
Juniper Juniper WLC-SFP-UTP Juniper WLC-SFP-UTP Datasheet
Linksys Linksys MGBT1 Linksys MGBT1 Datasheet
Meraki Meraki MA-SFP-1GB-TX Meraki MA-SFP-1GB-TX Datasheet
Meraki Meraki SFP-1GB-TX Meraki SFP-1GB-TX Datasheet
Netgear Netgear AGM734 Netgear AGM734 Datasheet
Netgear Netgear AGM734F Netgear AGM734F Datasheet
NetOptics NetOptics SFPKT-GCU NetOptics SFPKT-GCU Datasheet
NetScout NetScout 321-0434 NetScout 321-0434 Datasheet
N-Tron N-Tron NTSFP-TX N-Tron NTSFP-TX Datasheet
Palo Alto Networks Palo Alto Networks PAN-SFP-CG Palo Alto Networks PAN-SFP-CG Datasheet
Redback Redback SFP-GE-TX Redback SFP-GE-TX Datasheet
Riverstone Riverstone SFPGE-12 Riverstone SFPGE-12 Datasheet
Sixnet Sixnet GCOPPER-SFP-100 Sixnet GCOPPER-SFP-100 Datasheet
Sonicwall Sonicwall 01-SSC-9791 Sonicwall 01-SSC-9791 Datasheet
Sun Sun 370-7598 Sun 370-7598 Datasheet
Sun Sun 371-1399 Sun 371-1399 Datasheet
Telco Telco BTI-MGBIC-GTX Telco BTI-MGBIC-GTX Datasheet
Voltaire Voltaire OPT-90006 Voltaire OPT-90006 Datasheet
ZyXEL ZyXEL SFP-1000T ZyXEL SFP-1000T Datasheet