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X2 Transceivers

FluxLight’s X2 fiber optic transceivers are 100% compatible with OEM fiber optic equipment. The X2 form factor operates at a 10GBase rate. This means it is capable of supporting transfer speeds of up to 10-Gigabits per second. X2 fiber optic transceivers evolved from the XENPAK form factor. Both have the same XAUI interface, but the X2 form factor has a smaller footprint.

FluxLight offers a complete line of bidirectional X2 transceivers, as well as compatible cabling for an efficient network setup.

Like all of our fiber optic transceivers, FluxLight’s X2 transceivers are pre-programmed with all of the necessary configuration data to seamlessly integrate with your existing fiber optic equipment. Each of our fiber optic transceivers, including the popular X2-10GB-LR, comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 3 year replacement warranty.