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SFP+-BiDi Transceivers

FluxLight’s BiDi SFP+ transceivers (a.k.a. SFP+-BiDi or Bi-Directional transceivers) are 100% MSA compliant and guaranteed to be compatible with OEM equipment. We offer a variety of BiDi SFP+ transceivers to help you get your network set up in record time.

Nearly every modern optical transceiver uses two fibers to transmit data, one for receiving data and one for transmitting it. However, Bi-Directional transceivers are capable of transmitting and receiving data simultaneously across a single fiber at speeds of 10Gbps. Bi-Directional transceivers offer a cost-effective way to instantly double the bandwidth of an existing fiber optic network, and reduce the amount of fiber cabling infrastructure needed.

To work effectively, BiDi SFP+ transceivers must be deployed in matching pairs, as their diplexers are tuned to match the data wavelengths of the networking equipment transmitting the data, as well as the equipment receiving it.

FluxLight’s Bi-Directional SFP+ transceivers are fully compatible with a wide range of data communications and telecommunications equipment. Each of our fiber optic transceivers comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and a 3-year replacement warranty.