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  • SFP-10G-LR Cisco Compatible 10G SFP+ Optical Transceiver


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Product Description

FluxLight Brand 100% Cisco Compatible SFP-10G-LR SFP+ Transceiver Module Free Domestic Shipping

Mfg. Compatibility: Cisco
Part Number: SFP-10G-LR
Form Factor: SFP+
TX Wavelength: 1310nm
Reach: 10km
Cable Type: singlemode fiber
Rate Category: 10GBase
Interface Type: LR
Digital Optical Mon. (DOM): Yes
Connector Type: Dual-LC

Warranty Information

Like all FluxLight products, this product this backed by a 3-year non-prorated warranty, free email/phone technical support and advanced replacement (with RMA) and guaranteed emergency spares.

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  1. Fluxlight has good SFP-10G-LR deals

    Posted by Unknown on 05/07/2013

    I am happy with the amazing deal on this SFP-10G-LR! I saved so much money, and got great service with it as well. Warranty and guarantee, I am super pleased!

  2. SFP-10G-LR module for Cisco compatibility

    Posted by Unknown on 04/28/2013

    This is a good SFP-10G-LR module for Cisco compatibility. It has worked well and is used easily. No one would ever complain about an almost $300 savings, and I am absolutely thrilled with that.

  3. Good SFP-10G-LR Module

    Posted by Unknown on 04/20/2013

    This has been a good SFP-10G-LR Module so far. I would have been happy with an OK one, seeing as how I saved almost $300 on this, but I got a good one too! I am really happy with the quality, the savings, and the service. Great work, Fluxlight!

  4. SFP-10G-LR Modules from Fluxlight was a great idea

    Posted by Unknown on 04/10/2013

    I made the decision to buy our SFP-10G-LR modules from Fluxlight after hearing so many good things, seeing the great prices, and then seeing about the warranty. This was a great idea, because not only are the modules exactly what we needed, but they work great! The warranty is a great one, but I don't think we will even need it!

  5. Very happy with my SFP-10G-LR purchase

    Posted by Unknown on 03/30/2013

    I have been so far very pleased with my SFP-10G-LR purchase. The deals that come with it are great, not to mention the SERIOUSLY discounted price. This has worked as well, if not better than, any other module. This has been great so far.

  6. Saved a serious chunk of change with this Fluxlight SFP-10G-LR module!

    Posted by Unknown on 03/16/2013

    I am always one looking for the best deal on products I need, and I always look for the best. With this Fluxlight SFP-10G-LR module I got both.I saved a lot of money with this and it is a great product, with a warranty and guarantee, so I scored big time! Fluxlight is awesome!

  7. Fluxlight knows what they are doing with this SFP-10G-LR transceiver module

    Posted by Unknown on 03/08/2013

    I wasn't sure about going with Fluxlight for my SFP-10G-LR transceiver module needs, but I am so far very pleased. Fluxlight definitely knows what they are doing with the modules, and they sure know how to provide great customer service. That is what matters most to me, but getting a great product at almost $300 off retail cinches the deal!

  8. A great option for your SFP-10G-LR module

    Posted by Unknown on 02/20/2013

    If you are looking for a SFP-10G-LR module, the Flux Light brand here is great. It is perfectly compatible and works really well. Plus you are saving almost $300 off retail value!

  9. You get more than just the SFP-10G-LR module when you shop here!

    Posted by Unknown on 02/14/2013

    I decided to look at Flux light for a SFP-10G-LR module because I was told they are good quality and a great price. I did not expect to get a 3 year warranty, free shipping and a guarantee as well! You definitely get more than you expect and pay for with this site and module!

  10. A very nice SFP-10G-LR module

    Posted by Unknown on 02/05/2013

    If you need a SFP-10G-LR module then this is the one for you. It works well and is compatible with my Cisco system. It is a great module for a great price that you will be happy you got.

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